Clinic Tour

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When entering the office you will be greeted by one of our well-trained receptionists. There is plenty of seating and reading material for your enjoyment. Normally you won't be spending much time in the reception area, as it is our goal to have your pet seen as soon as possible. The receptionist will weigh your pet and then escort you to one of our three exam rooms.

Exam Room

There are three exam rooms. Two exam rooms have built in tables while the third exam room has a fold down table which gives the doctors and technicians a little more room if needed. Each exam room has a computer station and wall-mounted flat screen T.V. The television plays an educational dvd about your pet's care.


Dr. Fisher performs an ovariohysterectomy on a cat. Our surgical suite has state of the art anesthesia and monitoring equipment. Dr. Fisher and Dr. Hunter perform many different types of surgical procedures daily.


One of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Carlene, performs a dentistry on a cat in the treatment area. The treatment area has two treatment tables, one wet and one dry. The wet table is used for dental procedures. We also have a dental x-ray machine if your pet needs to have x-rays during the procedure. The cages in the treatment area are where your pet will recover from surgery. Here they are able to be monitored continuously by the doctors and technicians. Animals hospitalized for other procedures will also be in the treatment area where they can be watched carefully by our staff. There is also a separate isolation ward located off the treatment room where animals that may have a contagious disease are treated and hospitalized.


Our radiology equipment is capable of handling any size pet. There is an automatic film processor which allows the doctors to have your pet's x-rays developed in a minimal amount of time. We also have a Sonosite 180 Ultrasound on site if your pet is in need of an ultrasound.


The clinic has five large indoor runs with a fenced in yard where the dogs exercise three to four times daily. Our kennel is used for both dogs being boarded and those in the hospital for treatment.


England Run has state of the art laboratory equipment in order to have your pet's bloodwork needs met immediately. The clinic has a Hemagen Analyst Chemistry Machine, QBC Machine, two microscopes, and all the other equipment necessary to process labwork. Any labwork that is sent out to Antech labs can be received either the same day or the next day. Labwork that is received from Antech is downloaded directly into your pets medical history in our veterinary software. All heartworm tests (which include tests for erlichia and lymes disease) are run in house and are ready 10 minutes after blood is drawn.


England Run maintains a well stocked pharmacy. In the rare case there is a medication your pet needs and we do not stock, we can get it within a day or write a prescription for it. We also have the ability to flavor your pet's medication in order for it to be easier to administer.

Surgery Prep

Our surgery prep area is where instruments are sterilized in the autoclave, and where our doctors scrub in before performing all surgical procedures.